Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate - 30 minute Online Reading

The gift of a 30 minute online Tarot reading for your friend or loved one.

Gift Certificate - One Hour Online Tarot Reading

The gift of a one hour online Tarot reading for your friend or loved one.

One hour online Tarot reading WITH follow up report & additional question

One hour live online Tarot reading, plus a follow up report by email, and an additional follow up question after the reading. Time for you to ask questions, explore possibilities and action steps forward. The wonderful gift of clarity, inspiration and peace of mind for your loved one.

Tarot Packages

Manifest Your Dreams in 2024 Tarot Package

What you will get:

An action plan that will keep you joyfully on track towards your specific goal for the next three months (and beyond)

A live online one hour Tarot reading session with me to start clearing those energetic cobwebs so that you can see and know what it is that you really want to achieve in the next three months, taking place in the month of January. Inspiration plus action steps, powerful!

Two additional Tarot reading sessions with me, one in February and one in March, 60 minutes each, that build off of your initial session to bring that magical consistency and motivation (and accountability if that's what you need) that will move you to manifest your goal.

A recorded meditation created just for you, based on your cards and your reading, to inspire and support you until our next session. You will receive three of these, one after each session.

Journal prompts and homework (with email support) so that you can reflect, deeply know and take action (sent to you by email after each Tarot session).

My mystical yet practical guidance. My full attention on you. My ear, my shoulder, my Tarot expertise. Cheerleading, nudging, supporting, truth telling, pushing, inspiring, and guiding you just as you need.

Keep the Momentum Going Tarot Package

Set your intention, create your plan of manifestation, and STICK to it! Let me support you as you move through change and take consistent action towards your goals. This package includes one 60 minute online Tarot reading, plus two 30 minute follow up online Tarot readings. You can schedule them weekly, monthly, we will create a foundational structure that will give you the support and motivation that you need.