Group classes and workshop bundles

4 Group Class Pass

4 class pass for any group classes on the schedule - redeemable within 5 weeks of day of purchase

Please create an account when buying the class pass, so it can be linked to your email address. When booking your classes, use your emails address or unique pass code in the packages/code field and your class credit will be deducted from your pass.

8 classes monthly SUBSCRIPTION

every 4 weeks
Want 2 regular weekly classes?
This is for you! Pick your classes each week (eight 60min classes over 4 weeks) and sign up using your unique code or email address (make sure you create an account when signing up for this subscription)

This is a subscription for 8 classes within 4 weeks, and payment is debited every 4 weeks.
Classes do not roll over and must be used within the 4 weeks. Your class credit gets reset with every subscription cycle. Cancel anytime to stop renewal of subscription (use up your remaining classes for current cycle).
Subscription cycle starts with first payment, ie if you sign up on the January 17th, it will renew on February 17th and so forth.

8 Group Class Pass

Participate in 8 group classes (morning or evening) over 8 weeks using this pass.
Please create an account if you want to use a class pass. When booking, click on packages/codes and type in your email address you used when creating your account or unique code. The class credit will be automatically taken off your pass.