Coaching Packages with Dr. Lisa Leit

5 coaching sessions - 10% off

Habit, inner wisdom, and mindset are essential parts for growth and success. Do you find yourself stuck in a loop of old habits and a negative mindset? Do you want to start stepping into your higher self but don’t know where to start? When you avail of the 5 coaching sessions, you access 5 one-hour coaching sessions with Dr. Lisa Leit. This package will pave the way for you to let go of your outdated habits and to tap into your inner wisdom. The program will help you reclaim your life, find fulfillment, and overcome challenges. With tools such as fundamental e-courses and guided meditations, you can jumpstart and catapult your way into your transformation.

Five one-hour Zoom sessions with Dr. Leit -$2250 (10% off hourly rate - $450/hr)

10 coaching sessions - 20% off

If you don’t have a clear vision yet of where you’re going in your life, this 10 coaching session package is ideal for you. With this package, Dr. Lisa Leit will help you dive deeper into your consciousness, understand your thoughts and emotions, and realize your specific short and long-term goals. After the 10 one-hour sessions, you will be equipped with the tools and the right mindset to manage your thoughts and emotions and be clear on your life’s roadmap.

10 one-hour Zoom sessions with Dr. Leit -$4000 (20% off hourly rate - $400/hr)

20 coaching sessions - 30% off

Are you ready to go all-in on becoming a Happy Whole Human? Are you ready to commit and see a 360-degree shift that will fast track you to your goals? This 20 coaching session program is packed with scientifically validated holistic wellness methods. This will help you identify hidden roadblocks and will unleash your true inner power. This results-based coaching package will help you attain meaningful, lasting, and measurable results.

20 one-hour Zoom sessions with Dr. Leit -$7000 (30% off hourly rate - $350/hr)