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Gift Amount for Any Appointment

Choose your own adventure! This is redeemable for any options. A client could enjoy multiple experiences, or put this amount toward a higher-priced experience that they complete the rest of the payment for themselves. From a Topical Tarot Reading to a Lesson in Yoga, Meditation, or Divination, your gift can support all kinds of unique fun. Being Online means you can gift this near or far to expand someone's world from a distance.

Tarot Together - Two 30-minute Readings Back-to-Back

Seasonal Special! Gift your friend a 30-minute online or in-person reading back-to-back with your own 30-minute reading.
Both readings must happen within the same hour of scheduling. Contact Jenna to arrange in person, or book your hour online using the gift certificate.

Gift Cerificate: $100 Choose your Own Present Path Adventure

Let your recipient play in the magical arts as they mix and match among the options offered through Present Path. Get a Tarot Reading along with a lesson in the art of divination, yoga, or meditation, or a variety of classes. Jenna is very negotiable, and they can add to this amount to get more delights if they please.

Gift Certificate: Deep Dive Tarot Reading

An enlivening experience, give a full hour of insight with an empathic tarot reading with Jenna. Help a loved one access the magic of directing their life from their own intuitive best self.

Gift Certificate: 30-minute Tarot Reading

Fulfill someone's wishes for fresh clarity from a compassionate source. This level reading is best to get direction on a specific area of life that needs full attention from a new perspective. Alternatively, the recipient may use for a lesson in the art of tarot reading.

Gift Certificate: Couples / Companion Tarot Reading

Honor your support of unions that you wish to thrive. Unite two people in a conversation about how they can best love and support each other with a 70-minute couples Tarot Reading. These readings can serve relationships from love to friendship and family, and are an incredible tool to break out of old patterns together. This is a great gift for weddings and anniversaries, and Jenna celebrates all lifestyles of romantic love. May also be used for a one-hour Deep Dive Tarot Session for one person.

Gift Certificate: Choose an Online Guided Meditation, Tarot Reading Lesson, Class or Yoga Session

Enrich someone's mind with either a one-on-one Guided Meditation, an Art of Tarot Lesson, or a Chair or Hatha Yoga Session. These are all online, so you can give this to someone near or far.


Tarot Trinity Package

Get 3 online 30-minute tarot readings for only $120 (in Numerology 1+2+0= 3

$30 off the regular price!

Use these anytime over three months from when you purchase. Only good for online readings.