Technical Support Memberships


per month
Premium support members are typically those with control systems or travel often to come home to an unresponsive environment because their systems have not been updated or maintained. This service level includes remote technical support including after hours and onsite preventative maintenance scheduled quarterly.

We handle all the system updates and unlimited programming changes for you.

Includes Warranty Claim Labour:

Any warranty claims such as removal and reinstallation of hardware for service is covered.


per month
Advanced support is for clients requiring help over the phone, text, email or video chat to fix their systems. For those that have OvrC enabled products, this usually allows our staff to fix up to 80% of all technical support issues without having to send a technician.

In the event we do need to send a technician to your home, we offer our Advanced Support Members priority booking.

ESSENTIALS Remote Support (FREE during business hours)

per month
Our ESSENTIALS support service is for customers requiring phone or email based support to troubleshoot their systems during REGULAR Business HOURS:

9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

Response times are on a "best effort" basis and availability is within 48 hours.

If you need same day response (typically within 2 hours) or need remote support in the evenings or weekends, you will need to subscribe to the ADVANCED Remote Support Package. Please call us to discuss your needs at 416-425-2422 or email support@c9av.com

10 Hour Retainer

A 10 hour service package.
Each onsite visit incurs an extra hour for travel but otherwise the technicians track their time and deduct from your package on each visit.

For remote tech support, we charge a minimum of 30 min to your account or the actual time spent if longer than 30 min.