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Private Training Programs

4 Phase Training Program

One 90 minute lesson plus Five 1 hour lessons.

Our 6 lesson package is intended for dogs with spastic goofball behaviors and for unruly knuckleheads who need to learn manners. This program shows dogs how their choices matter, how to walk properly on leash, how to be polite around people, how to focus on you around other dogs, impulse control, and so much more. This package is also for any dog in need of a solid on and off leash obedience foundation. It is not for dogs with serious behavioral issues such as high anxiety, severe fear, or aggression of any kind.

Intended for dogs any age over 16 weeks old.

Complete Behavior Makeover

One 90 minute lesson plus Seven 1 hour lessons.

The 8 lesson package is our most popular program. The extra lessons gives us the time to guide dogs through behavioral problems without pushing them too soon. Furthermore, the extra lessons gives us the opportunity for the exposure therapy that is so crucial to the rehabilitation process. We will meet in real world settings such as parks, farmers markets, grocery stores, hardware stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and more.

Each dog is unique. If we expect too much before our dog is ready for the challenge it puts extra stress on the dog that can hinder our relationship and set the dog back. We want to make sure our dog has a solid foundation of trust and clear communication so they are receptive to our guidance when we put them into situations they struggle with.

Intended for any dog over 16 weeks old. Mandatory for dogs with anxiety, fear aggression, dog or human aggression, resource guarding, leash reactivity, or any dog with a bite history.

Puppy Fundamentals

One 90 minute lesson plus Two 1 hour lessons.

Set your new pup up for success with our 3 lesson puppy basics package. This program will teach you and your pup about pack structure, clear communication, manners, and boundaries; as well as introduce crate and house training.

Intended for puppies 10-16 weeks.