Kristen Jawad

A Gift of Relaxation

Home Spa Day - Mobile Massage & BodyMind Coaching

*Enjoy a 90 minute massage in your home (Kirkland & surrounding areas).

*Life Coaching Zoom Session - One Hour Dedicated to your well-being & life goals

*Beautiful Spa Gift

Coaching Program

Blissful Belly + Balanced Back + Selfcare Series

Improves Digestive Function, Boosts the Immune System, Decreases PMS Symptoms, Pelvic Pain, Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Releases Physical and Emotional Stress & Anxiety, Supports Healing Scar Tissue which are common in C-Section/Surgery. Check in, Gentle Massage, Tummy Tea & Botanical Foot Treatment. Most effective as part of a series of 6 sessions & 2 selfcare integration check ups.

Upper Body-Migraine Pain Relief + Selfcare Series

People who suffer from migraines/headaches, pain can be debilitating, disrupting both their personal and professional lives. Whether migraine hits once in a while or on a regular basis will focusing on the neck, shoulders, back and head. Personalized selfcare tips that really work! Most effective as part of a series of 6 sessions & 2 selfcare integration check ups.

1-1 Coaching for 3 Months - The Change You Seek

every 4 weeks for 12 weeks ($750.00 total)
Illuminate a Sanctuary in Your Heart that Supports and Nourishes You
6 Sessions - Investment $750

The Secret To Unlocking YOUR Stress Cycle - 1 Month Program

The 4 C’s of Vitality is a new take on self care that goes deeper for a renewed sense of aliveness, joy and connection. I help you recover from burn out. We focus on clarity, connection, calendaring and contrast. In just one month, your practice will be clear and you will have the support you need to make healthy changes. Requested amount $500

Selfcare & Coaching for Moms

Pregnancy, Recovery & Postpartum Planning

Connecting to your body, embracing your power, and building compassionate self-care skills to enter a new phase of life makes giving birth and caring for a newborn easier, less intimidating, and more fulfilling. This coaching program gives you the support and tools you need. Make a plan to address your concerns (i.e. emotional, physical, logistical, employment & lifestyle changes). Includes personalized resources $549 requested

Back to Work After Maternity Leave?

Back to Work After Maternity Leave?

Coaching for all the things that come with the transition back to work- childcare, logistics, schedules, identity, emotions, & relationships.

WHO: Women returning to work
WHAT: Transitions of returning after maternity leave
WHEN: We Schedule 4 Zoom Sessions to discuss your concerns & anticipate your needs.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Massage 6 Package - Kirkland Studio

6 Massage Treatments & Happy Feet Soak while pregnant/recovering.

There are so many benefits:
Decrease nausea and improve sleep
Reduce swelling, muscle spasms and soft tissue pain
Improve birth outcomes and bonding
Improve lactation and balance hormones

For 6-weeks 90%, of the serious healing takes place after birth. Includes Mommy Plan Workbook or Postpartum Guide.

*You can use your health savings account to pay for medical massage treatments & save even more.

Massage - 6 Prepaid Mobile Sessions

The Healing Sanctuary Comes to You! This package is perfect for pregnant/postpartum women or any mom who finds it challenging to prioritize self care. I will bring a comfortable massage mat to your home. Six session x 90 mins. Includes a Spa Gift & HSA payments accepted.