Cristin Russell's Breakthrough Coaching Packages

Cristin's Creating Change Package - 3 Silent Sessions

Package of 3 silent sessions to accelerate the manifestation and grounding of the shifts that occur in each session. Silent sessions can be great for those who spend a lot of time in their heads, as you quietly relax in your own home. In partnership with your eternal self and team, Source energy flows to release old energy and regenerate you at every level, creating new pathways and possibilities for you and your life. During each session you lie down for 50 minutes and receive the energy and support of Source and your team (No phone or video is needed). A short phone call will follow each session. Package of 3 sessions to be scheduled within 60 days. - Cristin

Cristin's Creating Change Package -3 Interactive Sessions

Discounted package for 3 interactive sessions to allow for greater momentum and grounding of shifts that occur during the sessions and create change in your life experience. During each session you will open to new possibilities for yourself and your life by awakening and aligning with the deeper layers within you. Break through limitations, expand your awareness, and embrace yourself and your life in new, meaningful ways. After the hour long session (over the phone, FaceTime, or Skype) clients regularly feel lighter, brighter, and prepared to create a fresh approach and new experience for life. Package of 3 sessions to be scheduled within 60 days. - Cristin