PAWS ALL IN- day training, basic

every 2 weeks for 4 weeks ($1,760.00 total)
Best deal! This is is my only discounted package, with a savings of $160.
Are you busy with work or kids? Want training to progress with less homework on your part?
If so then the THIS day training program is for you!

A trainer will come work with your dog for 50min, 3 days a week.
You don’t have to be present but if you are home and want to watch that is fine too. Training will take place in and around your home, and may also include training field trips to parks or pet friendly stores.
At the end of each week the trainer will meet with owners to share and teach what the dog has learned in a 50min transfer lesson.

This package consists of 16 lessons in total. You will receive a code for 16 private lessons and can book at confirmation of purchase. Please pick days/time and book as many session out as your can. The goal is for 4 lessons a week (the 4th one being with owners).

*Must have done new client virtual appointment first.

MINI PAWS- day training, basic

Same training model as the Paws All In, but for established clients that are just needing a refresher or to focus on a few additional behaviors.

This package consists of 8 lessons in total. 2-3 lessons a week with just the trainer and one lesson at the end of each week with owners.
Ideally to be completed in three weeks' time.