Dance for Parkinson's

Dance for Parkinson's


Feldenkrais Classes

B. Winter / Tuesday Feldenkrais Series, 5:15pm (EST)


C. Winter / Wednesday Feldenkrais Series, 9am (EST)


D. Winter / Thursday Feldenkrais Series, 12pm (EST)


E. Single Class/Drop-in


Feldenkrais Series Subscription

This package allows you to attend any and all classes during the Winter Series. Classes meet Tuesdays 5:15pm, Wednesdays 9am, and Thursdays at noon.

Thursday 10:30am class / 3-month package

This package is for 3 months of the Thursday 10:30am class.


3-Month Program

This payment is for one month (4 private lessons) of the 3-Month Feldenkrais Program: Practice Into Action.

5-Session Package

This subscription is worth 5 private Feldenkrais Lessons.