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Voucher: Online Non-Violent Resistance Programme 10 sessions

10 Week Non-Violent Resistance Programme
Over the 10 weeks, we will work together to addresses violent, destructive and harmful behaviours in children and adolescents. NVR will help you overcome your sense of helplessness. It will help develop a support network that will stop violent and destructive behaviours both in and out of the home. it will improve the quality of life for all the family.

10 week individualised Non-Violent Resistance Programme (in person)

Thank you for purchasing the voucher for the 10 week Non-Violent Resistance programme and 2 follow up sessions. Please click on the schedule link above and book individualised sessions or block book a number of sessions. Please note that there is an expiry date of 140 days on the voucher as the programme is more successful if sessions are weekly or fortnightly apart. I look forward to working with you. Thank you for choosing me to support you on your parenting journey.

Voucher: Individualised Parenting Programme 6 sessions @ 60-90 mins

Purchasing this package allows you to schedule your appointments as they suit you from the schedule links on top of the voucher. Appointments can be booked altogether or at different times. Each time you book an appointment it will be deducted from your 6 sessions. There is an expiry date on the voucher of 84 days/12 weeks. this expiry date. It is recommended that for coaching to be successful it requires a commitment to attending appointments no longer than 2 weeks apart.

Voucher for Individual Bootcamp (6 Session)

Purchasing the voucher will allow you to book 6 individual Bootcamp sessions 60-90 minutes in duration at times convenient for you. Bootcamps typically cover the following areas of personal development, values, motivation, assertiveness, career choices, strengths, health and wellbeing, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills, and a personal development plan. As it is individualised it can be adjusted and adapted to your needs and choice. You come with your agenda and ideas and we will work from three.

New Authority NVR parenting programme session (6)

Thank you for booking your New Authority-NVR Parenting coaching session. I look forward to supporting you on your parenting journey.