Bulk Package

Chair Yoga (10 Sessions)

Chair Yoga is for everyone and it is particularly suited for those who are at their computer all day. It is also suitable for those who are less confident to do a floor based yoga practice due to general stiffness or injury.

Energetic Reboot (10 Sessions)

This session has one goal, to get you moving and rebalance and reboot your energy after long hours of being still concentrating in a specific task. It is inspired by ancient teachings and techniques from Kriya and Taoist masters that understood the close relationship between circulation and good health.

Hatha Yoga (10 Sessions)

Classical yogic posturing, breath and relaxation/meditation techniques. Slow, gentle, deep practices.

Limitless Monthly


Limitless Weekly

Our Limitless Weekly allows you to choose from 24 classes in a week (Mon - Sat) which include (Yoga, Tai Chi, Self Massage, Breathing, Chanting and Meditation and Mental Detox). It also allows you to bring 1 guests. Each person can be a guest up to 3 times.
Enjoy a 15% discount of your next Limitless Subscription once they subscribe.