Talking With Your Kids- Opening the Lines of Communication Before Sh!t Gets Real

Are you feeling unsure or even struggling with how to have a conversation with your kid that goes beyond “How much homework do you have? When’s practice? Who are you going out with? What do you want for dinner?”

Are you worried that your kids will search for "all the answers" online, from friends, or from anywhere but you because you don't really feel comfortable talking to each other?

Maybe you’re struggling to connect as a family or it feels hard to express yourself?

You are NOT alone! There’s a lot of talk about how we *need* to talk to our kids yet nobody seems to give us much guidance. The elements of connected conversation are often lost is the hustle of work, school, and life.

This 8 week program helps you build a foundation of honesty, trust and respect with your teen/tween so they feel comfortable coming to you with anything instead of hiding it, asking friends, or looking for answers online. It's designed to do with a partner and the first week is about making that "conversation invitation" so you know you're both in this willingly & together.

Don't have a teen/tween in your life? No worries! These building blocks can be used in ANY relationship- family, romantic, friends, workplace, even yourself! (Yes, you can totally do this solo if you’re feeling disconnected from yourself)

You’ll come away with connection building blocks that become second nature and your defaults in any interaction. Learn how to grow together, express fully, and trust deeply for the most meaningful conversations.

-8 weekly modules with videos and worksheets to help you learn the building blocks and practice them with your partner so that you can deepen your mutual sense of connection and trust
-Customized one-on-one coaching support so that you can practice asking questions and getting support, gain clarity, and celebrate your wins as you go through this together!

If you're craving meaningful conversation, this course is for you.

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Price: $497