Pet Professor


Puppy Preschool

Fairford Road Animal Hospital Puppy Class (2-4 months)

Get the BEST Start to your puppy's new life with you by attending our puppy class.

This comprehesive course teaches the basic foundation behaviours that you need in order to teach your new puppy how to live in your world successfully, to create an awesome relationship with them and your family and to teach you how best to teach your puppy.

You will receive an online supplementary course that covers all the topics you need to learn about including:
· Barking
· Toileting
· Biting & Chewing
· The first night (overnight sleeping success)
· How Dogs Learn
· Socialisation
· Enrichment Deep Dive

Then over 4 x 1 hour weekly sessions at class we will train your puppy in the following:
·         Focus Fundamentals
·         Practising Proximity
·         Beginner Boundaries
·         Creating Confidence
·         Perfecting Play
·         Normalising Novelty

Our course is a rolling enrolment format - where owners can join a class at any stage of the course, if there is an open space.
We expect puppies to leave class with the basic understanding of behaviours such as sit, laying down, going to their bed, socialising with people and other dogs and general good behaviours that we want for the future.

Once you’ve finished the puppy preschool courses, we then offer a variety of further education that focuses on building better relationships outside of the home environment and listening skills such as working on recalls and walking on the lead without pulling.

We have a limited number of puppies per class to make sure that they have adequate space and optimal learning so please let me know ASAP if you’d like to book in.

Classes are on Wednesday nights at 7 pm in the reception area of Fairford Road Animal Hospital.  The total cost is $250 payable before your first class.

Puppy Class PLUS In Home Private Lesson (2-4 months)

Want the benefit of both a class environment AND an at home private lesson to really hone your puppies skills?

This is the package for you!

You get:
- 1 x 1.5 hour Private lesson at home in your time and with all your family
- Access to the online in-demand webinars on all the topics you need to cover for a new puppy including toileting, overnight sleeping success, biting, enrichment, how dogs learn and socialisation.
- 4 x 1 hour Puppy classes at Fairford Road Animal Hospital

This course ensures that you learn the best for your puppy not only in a puppy class but also set yourself up for success at home as well.