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Be Well w/ Steph + Membership (Wellness Coaching)

$40.00 initial setup plus $57.00 per month
Take control of your health & happiness by taking control of what you eat! Learn how to set realistic health and nutrition goals, and then achieve them with the help of your own personal cheerleader (Holistic Nutritionist).

Start your first month with a 45-minute coaching call to help me get to know you, your background, and your goals a little more personally. (The link to set up this appointment will be emailed to you 1-2 days after purchasing.)

You'll also get a link to book THREE 15-minute 1:1 check-ins throughout the month, to keep your goals and progress on track!

Then, with your Monthly Membership, you'll get a monthly email with:
- a motivational theme & accountability calendar
- simple, delicious, healthy, Stephanie-approved recipes
- healthy tips for YOUR nutrition/health/weight goals

You'll also have access to an EXCLUSIVE Facebook group with live videos, additional resources, and a small, supportive community of people who are also working on their health journeys!

I want you to have a healthy lifestyle that you love.
Let's get you feeling your best by fueling your best, once and for all! <3