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50 minute energy healing session

Align your point of attraction with what you want to manifest in your life and watch the printout of your life transform!

Manifest Your Dream Life

The Law of Attraction – “What’s like unto itself is drawn” – is a universal law which is always at work. What you attract and manifest is the sum of your thoughts and your emotions - your point of attraction. 

Because this is a universal law, this is true whether you are aware of it or not. This means there are two ways of creating your own reality. You can do it by default – if you don’t know where you are going, that’s where you will end up – or you can do it by conscious creation.

In these sessions we explore what you want in different areas of your life and what blocks you from achieving it. Then we adjust your point of attraction accordingly using PSYCH-K® and Emotion Code. Finally, we will identify manageable, fun action steps that will take you in the direction of what you desire. 

Release Your Heart Wall (4 sessions of 30 minutes)

A Heart Wall is created by your subconscious to protect you from heartache. Most people have a Heart Wall from negative past events. A Heart Wall can drag you down and block you from love and happiness. In these sessions The Heart Wall Chart is used to find and release negative trapped emotions.

It usually takes about 3-5 sessions to release the heart wall. If your heart is released after less than 4 sessions, we will spend the remaining time working on any physical or mental issue that is bothering you.

Manifest Your Dream Life 5 session package