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HeartMath Sessions

HeartMath's Stress Management for Professionals

6 one-hour sessions designed to reduce the stress response that executives experience in the workplace. Techniques you learn will help you reduce stress and anxiety, enhance your mental clarity for decision-making, enhance your communication skills and help you build a cohesive team.

**InnerBalance purchase is required and is not included in package.**

HeartMath's Stress Management for Teens

Introduction to four of HeartMath's powerful techniques designed specifically for teens and pre-teens. These interactive workshops will help teens learn how to deal with test anxiety, social anxiety and overall stress in a more self-aware, coherent manner. Six 45-minute sessions are included in this package.

**InnerBalance purchase is required and is not included in package.**

Introduction to HeartMath

Learn four powerful HeartMath techniques that will help improve your resilience, vitality, mental clarity and emotional awareness. This package includes 4 one-hour sessions.

**InnerBalance purchase is required and not included in package.**