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3x30-min Emotion Code Email Sessions

This is a series of 3 email or Emotion Code sessions that are completed one week apart. These sessions will work on the Heart Wall, energetic imbalances on organs/glands.. The sessions will be completed via proxy and reports emailed upon completion. You will be worked on by an Emotion Code practitioner and included in their Body Code Practicum.

Activate Your Abundance Package

This package includes 3 x 45-minute Emotion Code / Body Code / PSYCHK Sessions focusing on releasing emotional and mental energetic blocks to receiving abundance and focusing on discovering limiting belief statements in the subconscious mind and changing them. Once the blockages have been released, we will work on reprogramming the subconscious mind to believe the goals you are setting for yourself and working towards using advanced PSYCH-K. We will learn how to identify limiting beliefs and work from a chart of over 2000 abundance affirmations.

Conscious Empowerment & Personal Power Package

This package is 3-45 minute session series designed to empower you into moving forward with sharing your gifts with the world. It has 3 specific sessions that use Emotion/Body Code clearing focusing on: Overcoming Personal Limitations & Jusgement; Overcoming the Ego & Finding Balance in Your Visibility; How to Stop Resisiting Success and Get Over Your Fear of Failure; Achieving a Balanced Mindset.

Delux Healing Package - 12 Sessions Total

The Delux Healing Package includes 12 Sessions in total including 8 Combo Sessions including Emotion Code Body Code and PSYCHK. 2 Deep Inner Healing Sessions. 1 Relationship Balance with a person of your choosing (although they do not have to present) and 1 Core Belief Session. Total Package Value $1545 (Save $345)

Divine Healing Package - 18 Sessions Total

The Divine Healing Package includes 18 Sessions altogether - 10 Combo Sessions (including Emotion Code Body Code and PSYCHK), 2 Deep Inner Healing Sessions. 1 Relationship Balance with a person of your choosing (although they do not have to present), 3 Abundance Sessions (Abundance Package), 1 Core Belief Session and the last session 1-hour Business Coaching. Total Package Value $2197 (Save $497)