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3x30-min Emotion Code Email Sessions

This is a series of 3 email Emotion Code sessions that are completed 1-2 weeks apart. These sessions will work on the Heart Wall, energetic imbalances on organs/glands.. The sessions will be completed via proxy and report emailed upon completion. A certified Emotion Code practitioner will work on you.

Family Pack Emotion Code / Body Code Sessions (5)

This gift certificate entitles holder to 5 Emotion Code / Body Code 45-minute Sessions. Save $50

Family Pack Combo Sessions (5)

This family pack includes 5 one hour combo sessions of Emotion Code / Body Code / PSYCH. It doesn't expire and is transferrable amongst family members. Savings of $200.

Delux Healing Package - 12 Sessions Total

The Delux Healing Package includes 12 Sessions in total including 8 Combo Sessions including Emotion Code Body Code and PSYCHK. 2 Deep Inner Healing Sessions. 1 Relationship Balance with a person of your choosing (although they do not have to present) and 1 Core Belief Session. Total Package Value $1545 (Save $345)

Divine Healing Package - 18 Sessions Total

The Divine Healing Package includes 18 Sessions altogether - 10 Combo Sessions (including Emotion Code Body Code and PSYCHK), 2 Deep Inner Healing Sessions. 1 Relationship Balance with a person of your choosing (although they do not have to present), 3 Abundance Sessions (Abundance Package), 1 Core Belief Session and the last session 1-hour Business Coaching. Total Package Value $2197 (Save $497)


This program is designed to get you in alignment with your desired business goals and raise your energetic frequency to attract all that you have been missing in your life. It is for anyone who is ready to shift their life from surviving to thriving, and exceed their desired goals. I will be working with you 2 x week for 12 weeks taking you through your specific business, life, and/or relationship goals; clearing the energetic blocks in the way and giving you the tools to get you in alignment and understand your body and mind moving forward, learning all I have learned in how to become successful in your business, career and life! This is a personal Coaching program.