VOICE GYM Classes, Vocal Workout. Every Wednesday at 12:15, & 19:00 (60% off, £5.50 per class at Monthly Membership)

per month
VOICE GYM. Each Wednesday singing lessons at 12:15 & 19:00. (£5.50 per class, at £48.PCM)

Comprehensive group vocal workout, building each week, covering vocal technique, singing scales, breathing, resonance, posture, and musicality.
Link to private group class. No recording allowed. Screen sharing is optional, audio sharing not needed, so no worries for those feeling shy, just sing along! All are welcome. Follow up with a private lesson for feedback & songs tailored to you.

TEEN VOICE GYM. Every Saturday 10:00am (£7.50 per session at 25% off Monthly Membership)

per month
Teen Singing lessons on Zoom. Every Saturday, at 10:00am. Voice technique exercises, learning with music and popular age appropriate songs.

KID'S VOICE GYM, Singing Fun, Every Saturday 09:15 Group Class. (£7.50 per session, at 25% off Monthly Membership)

per month
Kids Singing Lessons, every Saturday 09:15. Group Class..Learn & Practise together. Just bring a smile, sing along, and learn through music, singing exercises, and age appropriate songs.

BOWIE THE SINGING BEAR. Early Years Singing Circle on Zoom. Every Wednesday 10.30 & Saturdays 08:30 (£3.75, at 25% off Monthly Membership)

per month
Bowie the Singing Bear! Good Morning rise and shine, with songs and rhymes, bought to you twice a week. You can bring your bear, and sing along, learning with baby.

5X Express Private Singing Lessons/vocal coaching sessions per month (£32. at 20% off Membership)

per month
5 X Express Singing Lessons/vocal coaching sessions per month. Schedule your sessions here.

5X Full Private singing lessons/Vocal Coaching per month (£55.at 22% off Membership)

per month
Schedule and use your 5 lessons within 1 month. Schedule your sessions here.

12X V.I.P. sessions every 6 weeks. Focus & fast tack your progress. (18% off, £81 per session, at 6 weeks membership)

every 6 weeks
Schedule and use your Focus & Fast-Track V.I.P. course of sessions within 12 weeks. Detailed appraisal, resources, audition prep' and songwriting. Comprehensive vocal program tailored to you and your chosen songs. Schedule your sessions here.