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Building Blocks Packages

Building Blocks Lightning

You can learn how to read music with Coach J. Faye! Let's learn about the basics of Music Theory together. Secure 4 thirty-minute Building Blocks sessions by purchasing this package!

Building Blocks Standard

Let's dig into the basic fundamentals of music theory with 4 one-hour Building Blocks session! If you want to learn how to read music and sightsing, this is the package for you!

Multi-Service Packages

Singer's Theory Package

This package consists 2 Standard (1-hr) Vocal Alignment sessions and 2 (1-hr) Building Blocks of Music sessions. Establish your range, embrace your sound, and learn the basic fundamentals of music theory. View music from a different perspective with a crash course in technique and theory!

Singer-Songwriter Package

This package consists of 2 Standard (1-hr) Vocal Alignment sessions, and 2 Vision Writing sessions. This package will give you a crash course in discovering your voice through song and songwriting. Establish your range, embrace your sound, and use the tools you gain in vocal alignment to tell a, YOUR vision through the songs you write.

Performance Prep

Performance Prep Package


Vision Writing

Vision Writing Package

This package is for the aspiring or established songwriter that wants to further develop his or her skills. You will dig deeper with different writing exercises and projects that push you to become more creative and express what you feel in different ways. The package includes 4 one-hour Vision Writing sessions.

Vocal Alignment Packages

Vocal Alignment Lightning

(Via Zoom) This package covers 4 thirty-minute Vocal Alignment Lightning sessions, available to schedule at your convenience!

Vocal Alignment Standard

This package includes 4 Vocal Alignment Standard (1-hour) sessions.

Worship Leaders/Team Members

HeArt of Worship Package

This package is ideally for singers in a worship ministry that want to develop their vocal skills as well as their spiritual maturity. Your time is split between Vocal Alignment to keep your voice in shape & HeArt Of Worship to keep your heart in line! Learn how to lead songs for your worship ministry, work with your team members, etc.