Restore Womb Therapy

Restore Womb Therapy

Complete Womb Therapy

An initial consult, three treatments, a house made Womb balm and Blossom 'Womb Ritual' yoni steam.
This all inclusive package has all the bases covered.

Perfect for realigning, reconnecting and restoring your body and mind in an honourable, safe and nurturing way.

Love after Loss

Free Reborn Postnatal Treatment for any Mama overcoming the physical and emotional significance of infant loss.

Reborn Postnatal Treatment

The perfect gift of Self Love.

This postnatal treatment is designed to honour your body for the incredible effort it made during pregnancy and labour.

Restoring your body and aiding muscle recovery through the use of wraps, womb massage and visualisations.

Reborn Treatment Package

The ultimate Postnatal luxury.

This complete in home package will have any new Mama oozing into a state of calm. Create time and space to honour their body inside to out, including a specialised postpartum massage treatment, a nutrient dense postpartum meal from Nurtured and Nourished, a herbal Love tea and a Hermosa Co Postpartum sitz bath.

Give the gift of self love to a new Mama in your tribe.

Womb Therapy

Give the gift of Self love.

Womb Therapy combines massage treatments with emotional release intentions to enable the support of the reproductive, digestive and nervous systems.

Perfect for anyone looking to reconnect their mind and body in a healthy, nurturing way.