Essentials Antenatal Package


Essentials Antenatal Package

Our Essentials Package offers a great start to your preparation for labour, birth & feeding:

Class 1 - Labour & Birth - Part 1 - FREE

Pre-labour preperation

Hormones of labour

How the body works

Birth partners

When to go to hospital

Managing at home

Basic pain relief

Class 2 - Labour & Birth - Part 2

Induction of labour


Monitoring of baby

Forceps Delivery

Ventouse Delivery


Class 3 - Infant Feeding

Formula feeding

Colostrum Harvesting


Added bonus - you save 10%

Class 4 Practical Parenting

Delivery of the placenta

Delayed cord clamping

Vit K

Safe Sleep



Cord Care

Essentials Plus Package

Our Essentials Plus package includes everything from the Essentials Package plus:

Class 5
Wellbeing Workshop

An amazing class designed and presented by The Honest Midwife and founder of International Fathers Mental Health Day. Ensuring you are ready for the road ahead and are able to navigate any bumps that appear.

Class 7 Infant & Child First Aid

Bumps & Scrapes

Gold Antenatal Package

Gold Antenatal Package

A really comprehensive antenatal package which includes all the Essentials Plus package with a little something added for your baby:

Class 6 Newborn Baby Buddha

A beautiful and gentle massage routine for you and your partner to learn before baby arrives so that you can soothe away any little tensions your baby has picked up whilst snuggled up inside.

Newborn Sleep Workshop

We all know that babies are not designed to sleep through the night so this class has been put together to support you in understanding sleep and healthy sleep patterns so that you can help your baby get the right amount of sleep and hopefully catch a few dreams for yourself.

Save 20%

Platinum Antenatal Package

Platinum Antenatal Package

You really do have everything covered with this one!

Includes everything the Gold Package offers plus:

C-Section Workshop

A full round up of everything you can expect with both an elective and emergency caesarean. You can also ask our anaesthetist anything you need to know about pain relief throughout the procedure.

4 Week Hypnobirthing Course

Getting ready for the birth of your baby is an exciting time but can also feel a little uncertain. We have rewritten the rulebook where Hypnobirthing is concerned and are so excited to be able to help you use all the amazing principles of relaxation, guided imagery and visualisation to prepare you for birth.

Online Labour, Birth & Hypnobirthing

Wondering how you will remember everything? Don't worry, this comprehensive online learning package will guide you through all the different ways your baby could make its way into the world with added help from hypnobirthing and aromatherapy.

Save 25%