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Most Popular Sugar Heal Maternity Packages

Sugar Heal Home Birth

Led by licensed midwife Raquel Coaxitlalli, the Sugar Heal Home Birth includes all of Sugar Heal's maternity care offerings to give you the absolute best care throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery >> Home Birth Services, Acupuncture and Nutrition, Maternity Acuvibration, Intuitive Birth Guidance Readings and Antepartum/Postpartum Yoni Steam services. Click on the website's "homebirth" page above for more information.

Acupuncture and Nutrition with Daniel (TLC Package)

This package includes 4 pre-natal acupuncture sessions (in office) and 1 postpartum healing session including herbs.

Holistic Birth Steam Services (inclusive)

This service last about 2 months and includes Initial V Steam Consultation with Peristeam Facilitator (recommended at 36 weeks), In-Home Steam Tutorial and Supply Set Up (at 37 weeks), Postpartum steam set up (after giving birth) and support check-ins throughout steam plan. Chair and customized herbal blend will be provided.

Intuitive Guidance Readings with Dr. Zhaleh (Matrescence Package)

This package includes Pregnancy Reading (60 mins), Labor and Delivery Reading (60 mins) and Postpartum Reading (120 mins).

Maternity Acuvibration with Seline Vibes (Glamorous Life Package)

This package includes 4 office sessions (pregnancy) and 2 home visits (postpartum).

Baby I'm A Star Birthing Partner (Supporting Mama and Baby With Sound)

In this 3-Part Program partners experience the healing power of sound as they learn easy techniques to use during pregnancy, labor and postpartum to comfort mama and baby. Tuning forks are included.

Part I: Vibration Lamaze $450
Includes online course, Balancing the Womb with Ohm, and tuning fork kit #1.

Part II: Labor of Love Tuning $750
Includes couples recalibration session, labor tuning lesson and tuning fork kit #2

Part III: It's Raining Milk (At Home Breastfeeding Support with Sound) $750
Postpartum acuvibration session, lactation support lesson and tuning fork kit #3