Single Day Pass Options

All-Access Day Pass

When one, or even a few, of the Sync amenities is just not enough to completely recharge, try taking advantage of the Sync Day Pass. With this pass you can hang out at Sync for as long as you like and take advantage of everything we have to offer. With a day pass you control the pace and structure of your day so you leave feeling refreshed and energized.

* Limited to the hours between open to close during normal business operations on one day only.
**Only one cryotherapy session allowed during a Sync Day Pass.
***All amenities must be scheduled in advance.
****Call 843-416-5006 to book with partner, small group, or event

The Mood Booster

Sometimes it seems like you just can't shake the funk you are in. That's why we created The Mood Booster package. This package starts with LLLT treatment, transitions to 30 minutes in the massage chairs or Normatec sleeves, and finishes with a cryotherapy session that is sure to energize your body and mind while elevating your mood. If you're sick of storm clouds hanging over your head and want to break free into the clear, this package is for you.

The Sleep Enhancer

Sometimes falling asleep can be a real challenge. Whether you're struggling with tight muscles, aggravating sinus drainage, or just a lot on your mind, Sync has you covered. Try 15 minutes in our salt chamber to help relieve sinus pressure followed by 30 minutes in our infrared sauna to relax your body and mind. Grab a warm cup of herbal tea on your way out and you will be ready to drift off to sleep as soon as you get home.

The Athlete's Recovery Advantage

Athletes know that little things separate good performance from exceptional performance. It's the extra rep, the extra mile, the extra practice, and the extra effort that make an enormous difference over time. To often though athletes become experts in stressing their bodies and minds and forget that recovery is where growth happens. Athletes who want to perform at the highest level recognize the need to recover physically and mentally. This package is for athletes looking for the extra edge by enhancing their recovery.
1 Cryotherapy session, 30 minutes in the Normatec compression sleeves, and 30 minutes in the infrared sauna or 15 minutes in the salt chamber. We also recommend using the special Hyperice recovery equipment before you leave so you are ready for to take on that next training session.

The Energizer

Feeling tired and sluggish? We have just what you need. The Energizer Package is for anyone who needs a boost to get them through a long day. You'll start with 30 minutes in the meditation and massage chair followed by an ice cold 3-minute Cryotherapy session. Transitioning from relaxation to revitalization will leave you refreshed and ready to take on your day. (6 oz of cold brew coffee included).

The Inflammation Reducer

Challenging yourself in the gym or on the field is how you grow and improve athletically. But if you're not letting your body recover as part of your training program, your performance is likely to suffer and your chances for injury increase. Whether you have a specific injury you'd like to treat with the Low Level Laser, or just want to reduce total body inflammation, this package is for you. You'll start with Cryotherapy, transition to the Normatec compression sleeves, add in the Low Level Laser Therapy if you have a specific injury, and finish with 15 minutes in the salt chamber.