Dr. Aubrey Wallace and Melanie Jade


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Dr. Wallace Packages & Gift Certificates

Medical Intuitive Reading with EmBodyMap

Good for a 75 min visit online via zoom with Dr. Wallace.

This reading includes a personalized EmBody Map, a chakra assessment and 2-3 issues adressed through the Window of Health Assessment.

You will be able to keep a recording of your visit. EmBody Map and Window of Health notes will be emailed to you after your appointment.

Mini Medical Intuitive Reading

30min Medical Intuitive Reading with Dr. Wallace. This reading will address 1-2 medical issues and includes a chakra assessment and Window of Health analysis.

Ancestral Healing Session

Dr Wallace guides you through your familiy stories using a Genogram to help you address and heal ancestral patterns.

Combined Ancestral Healing Gift Certificate

Dr Wallace and Melanie Mitchell team up in this 60min reading.
This session works through Ancestral patterns by using the Genogram to remember the ancestral stories, along with the use of Mediumship to communicate directly with relatives who have crossed over and heal long-term patterns.
Sessions done via zoom or in-office.

Melanie Clarity Packages

3-Pack 60min Life Guidance/Mediumship and Healing Combo sessions

A 3-pack of 60min sessions for life guidance/mediumship and healing extravaganza!

4-Pack 45min Life Guidance/Mediumship Sessions

4-Pack of live guidance and fun.

Melanie Enodoya Jade Gift Certificates

30 min. Spirit Guidance/ Mediumship session w/ Melanie Jade



Good for those that are just needing a quick check-in and alignment with guides and spirit.
I will offer a latte of clarity on your life choices with a dollop of guidance and inspiration on your spiritual journey. Yummy.

45 Min. Spiritual Guidance w/ Melanie Jade

This is a great choice for anyone who is smack dab in the middle of their spiritual evolution. This entails channeled insight for what you need to get through the next few months. This is also wonderful for those interested in connecting with their deceased loved ones. Mediumship, for me, is beautiful organic experience that can heal, bring a depth of clarity and peace to all involved. And, yes, there is joy included in this experience.

60 min. Spiritual Guidance/ Mediumship and Healing w/ Melanie Jade


This includes a mini buffet of all the things! A divine swirl of intuitive, spiritual life guidance and can include some mediumship- if that is what you are seeking! Distance healing with one key focus is also included.

60 min. Spiritual Guidance/ Mediumship w/ Melanie Jade

A divine swirl of intuitive, spiritual life guidance w/ a couple of key focus and can include some mediumship.

90 minute Spiritual Guidance Buffet

A buffet of healing, guidance, clarity, mediumship, and joy.