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Joyful Jingle

Special Occasion Joyful Jingle

Perhaps you'd like to celebrate a special day. Sometimes important dates, even holidays can bring painful memories. Do you feel unsatisfied sending your heartfelt concern with just a praying hands emoji, why not help your loved one express their emotions in a healing way. Even a single session is treated with the same care as our continuing service.

Joyful Jingle Trial Pack (5 Sessions)

Try Joyful Jingle Services. This package includes 5 sessions. You are not required to book these sessions in the same week. But if you want to see the benefits of Music Therapy quickly, we recommend you try one every day, to build the relationship with the music therapist quickly.

Joyful Jingle 12 Session Pack (@ only $40ea)

Save $5 on each session by purchasing our Healthy Dozen (12-session package) of Joyful Jingles. Schedule them daily, a few times a week or once a month. Your choice.
Joyful Jingle Service is offered by a board-certified Music Therapist.

Joyful Jingle 36 Session Pack (@ only $35ea)

This package is designed to offer you 3 sessions per week for 12 weeks. This will give you or any other loved one something joyful to look forward to throughout the week.