Mikella Millen

Digital Bundles: downloadable, self-paced courses

Karmic and Past Life Integration Healing Portal

This offering is designed to hold a space for you to explore your own Past Life and Karmic Healing. All the materials are downloadable, and you can complete them at your own pace.

You will receive:
- a Welcome video featuring an introduction to timelines, past life work, and information on the resources in this portal
- 3 guided audio journeys (almost 3 hours in total)
- Resources guide/ebook including suggested reading, a custom playlist for individual practice, and a code to take $44 off any session or group.

The audio jourrneys use a combination of Trancework and Energywork to help you actively work on resolving karmic and past life matters. Some elements are similar to past life regression, allowing you to retrieve details that may help you have greater insight into the challenges and successes of this lifetime. But the focus is on identifying and resolving discordant energies from past life and karmic contracts that are interfering with your current life path.

Your confirmation email will include your unique code to attend any single session virtual group. Please check your email or click "view gift certificate" to access your download link after purchase.

Please note that due to the unique nature of this offering there are NO REFUNDS.

Reiki, Death, and Dying

This is a digital bundle which includes a short ebook, and two channeled audio journeys for contemplating death, and contemplating loss.

Your confirmation email will include your unique code to take $22 off any individual session or group. Please click "view gift certificate" to access your download link.

Please note that due to the unique nature of this offering there are NO REFUNDS.

Packages (3+ individual sessions)

Energetic Clearing and Release Package (3 sessions)

This is a package of three sessions, which can be used for any combination of in-person (Sundays in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn) and virtual (Monday-Thursday over zoom) sessions. This is a great way to do focused work around an area of your choosing, at a reduced price of $125 per appointment.

You will receive a unique code after purchase that will allow you to book your three sessions (each session is 70 mins).
Packages expire after 90 days, please note this package cannot be applied to sessions at the Manhattan location.

Intensive Healing Support (3 month subscription)

per month for 3 months ($600.00 total)
*Please read carefully, some details have changed*

In my effort to make my offerings maximally affordable, this offering is the most cost effective option for those who wish to work more intensively and have a financial hardship.

This is a three month subscription, each month you will be billed $200 and you'll receive a code to book two 55 minute individual sessions (you can mix and match modalities, in-person and virtual) up to 110 min in total per month.

Unused sessions roll over until the subscription expires. Please note that your subscription starts the day you purchase it, and is billed on that same day of the month for the next two months.

After three months/three payments the subscription will automatically end, or you can choose to enroll again. Please plan to stay enrolled for the entire three months, or consider a package instead for similar affordability.