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Gracie Bullyproof Summer Camp

Gracie Bullyproof Summer Camp (June 24-28)

The Gracie Bullyproof Summer Camp is offered at Gracie University Headquarters and at select Certified Training Centers around the world! We are proud to state we are offering this program at our Gracie Certified Training Center in Nipomo, CA!

This 5-day camp will take place Monday through Friday from 9am to 12pm. Designed for children, ages 6 and up, this is our most popular camp of the year and typically sells out several months in advance.
Every child will get bullied at some point in their lives, and technology is only making matters worse since the bullying doesn't end when they leave school. Our goal is to equip your child with verbal and physical self-defense skills as well as the confidence to set boundaries, so that if they are targeted, they can put an end to the harassment before it's too late.