Business Balancing

Business Balancing
An intentional space to balance the energy of your business through the art of Kinesiology

The pathway

A time is arranged privately between us

You fill in a questionnaire that asks you specific questions about your business

Our 90-minute virtual zoom session begins

Set up of intention through ceremony and celebration

30 minutes of Voxer support for 2 weeks after your session to support your ripple effect

Investment - $400.00 aud

***Once you have booked your business balancing session I will contact you privately via email to arrange our time together. ***

There may be a minimum of 2 weeks between your purchase and your session date.

The intention behind a private booking time is to start our journey together with spaciousness. The time and energy around your session are just as important as the time and energy that we invest into your session. A private booking time ensures that the peripheral space around your business balance is clean and intentional, creating a more anchored, impactful session.

My available times will be in AEST. Please consider this with your time zone when confirming your appointment time.


To bring as much richness as possible to your business balancing session, a questionnaire to honour our meeting point will be emailed in a link to you with your booking confirmation. Please fill this in at least 24 hours before your confirmed session time. If your questionnaire is not filled in your session will be rescheduled. The purpose of this process is to introduce me to the energy of your business before our session starts. This will provide us both with a clean permission slip to go deep within the energetic realms of your work. It also encourages you to come into your session with clarity around what it is you'd like to work on.

Session Preparation

Our 90-minute virtual session will be held on zoom. Your zoom link will be in your booking confirmation email.‚Äč
You will be asked to take 10 minutes before your session to set up your environment in a way that feels beautiful to you. Warm and nourishing. Tune into what is the perfect mood for the translation of your communication line to commence This is the time to engage with all of your senses. Touch, sight, smell, taste and sound. Cater to all of them in a way that feels lush to you. The set up of your environment sets the tone for the conversation.

Gift Certificates

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Gift Certificate $100


Gift Certificate $125


Gift Certificate $150


Gift Certificate $185