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Cypress Creek Membership

Cypress Creek Corporate Membership

per year

Targets: $0.35 each
Cabins: $239 per night
Use of ClayBots: Yes
Members: Name up to 50 people under a corporate membership
Gate Code: Yes (All members named can have a unique gate and lodge code)
Access: 7 Days a week

Invest in your employees' well- being, collaboration, and skill development while strengthening your company's reputation by joining our corporate membership program!

This membership includes access to our 2,400 sqft facility for an unlimited number of meetings, 100 members named under the membership, discounted targets and lodging, priority booking for events, access to our ClayBot throwers, as well as a 1000 target credit each year. Each member named will also have the options of having their own gate code to gain access to the grounds, lodge code, and target card!

Members will have access 7 days a week

Cypress Creek Executive Membership

$150.00 initial setup plus $2,999.00 per year

Targets: $0.35 each
Members: 10
Events: 5
Guest: Unlimited
Lodging: 10% Discount
Access: 7 Days A Week
Initiation Fee: $150

The Executive membership level is meant for the business guy who needs a place to entertain clients but doesn't need a full corporate membership.

We understand part of the job is to entertain your clients and what better way to do that than a day of clay target shooting?

You can name up to 5 people under this membership that will receive the same pricing and benefits as you! Each member named can bring an unlimited amount of guests. You will have access to the lodge and shooting facility 7 days. Each member will have their own gate code, lodge code, and target card!

Cypress Creek Basic Membership

$150.00 initial setup plus $350.00 per year

Targets: $0.35 each
Lodging: 5% discount
Guest: 2

This membership level is meant to allow the use of Cypress Creek Lodge and Shooting Facility to be affordable and accessible. We don't want to price out our guests with expensive membership, but we do want to provide a private and elite experience for everybody. This membership level is for the shooter that appreciates the benefits of a non-public club and wants to be a part of that.

You will have all access to our main shooting and training fields, including the International Bunker and the Enclosed and Heated 5-Stand, and The Pit 7 days a week!