The Classic Facial Packages

Series Of 12 Classic Organic Facials

Purchasing a series of 12 Classic Organic Facials is a smart way to commit to a self-care skincare routine.

Series Of 3 Facials

Select a series of three classic organic facials to keep yourself on a skincare routine and schedule. Save 20% on a package of three facials.

Series Of 3 Mini Organic Facials

Treat yourself to a series of 3 mini organic facials. Save 20% by keeping yourself on a positive skincare routine and schedule.

Series of 3 Organic Back Facials

Choose a series of 3 organic back facials to clear up back acne on a regular routine.

Series Of 6 Classic Organic Facials

A series of 6 classic organic facials is perfect for a long term self care routine. This package can last at least 6 months, with one facial a year or One year with a facial every other month. Either way its a win/win!