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Consulting Packages

Career Strategy Package

Strategize and save 20% on your next career move with our Career Strategy. This package includes 3 discounted career strategy sessions. During each consultation, you will collaborate with your career coach to determine the next best steps of your career move.

Career Vision Package

Customize your career strategy by purchasing this 6 consultation package. With this package, you save 30% on consultations and can use each package at your own pace for the next 180 days.

Visionary Circle Membership

$300.00 initial setup plus $100.00 per month for 6 months ($900.00 total)
As a member of the Visionary Circle, you will have exclusive access to 12 career consultations for 40% off. For six months, you can partner with a career coach to clarify, strategize, and execute your career vision with two monthly consultations. If you miss a month, your consultations roll over to the next month. This package is entirely flexible to your needs.