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Benefits of Giving Gift Certificates - Mayhem Tattoo, Salem NH

$5.00 Convenience fee to cover "Stripes" processing fee.
If you want a gift certificate for more than $100 change the quantity.
The following are just a few of the many benefits of giving gift certificates as a present:
Tattoos are an Everlasting Gift!
When giving a tattoo gift certificate to your loved one, you can ensure it goes to good use. Many gifts you purchase are returned, regifted, or just thrown in the closet never to be seen again.
However, a Tattoo gift certificate guarantees a gift that last a lifetime. Therefore, your recipient is sure to choose a tattoo design they love and enjoy for the rest of his or her life and think of you when they look at their tattoo. You could make it a special day and join them for a new tattoo.
Gift Certificates: No deposit required. Let the front desk or artist know your gift card number.
Gift Certificates: Are not refundable and have no cash value.
Gift Certificates: Can be used with any artist, for tattoo design, tattoo service, and eyebrows.
Only valid at the Salem NH location