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A Warm Welcome to Spheres of Essence Online Boutique

Where you can purchase gift certificates and session or readings.

If you have questions or need further assistance please send an email to:
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Gift Certificate for 60 minute Reading

Gift of a 60 minute Reading with Dipali (Spiritual/Intuitive or Astrology)

Gift Certificate for 90 minute Reading

Gift of a 90 minute Reading with Dipali (Spiritual/Intuitive or Astrology)

Gift Certificate: Intuitive Spiritual Angelic Guidance Session with Dipali

Stunningly accurate compassionate spiritual intuitive and Angelic Guidance + Angelic Blessings that is down to earth and will help to empower you. (90minutes in length) -- may be scheduled by phone, SKYPE Audio or at her Office in Cherry Hill, NJ USA.
This makes for a wonderful and valuable gift to yourself, loved ones and friends.

Pet Energy Balancing - Distance Session 45minutes

Help keep your Animal Companions/Pets "energetically tuned up" with this very special savings session. It is done at a distance and will help your pet's overall health and well-being on all levels.

Private Instruction for Meditation - Savings Package

In this package includes:
- Brief Consultation
- One - Initial Private Instruction for Meditation ( 90 minutes )
- One - Follow up Private Instruction for Meditation 60minutes
- Two - 15 minute Check-In for Fine Tuning
{Normal Cost: $350.00 USD}

Spiritual Activation: UPGRADE Session

In this remote session, Dipali brings in Energies and frequencies which will "activate" you on your path of awakening and discovery. Consider this a Spiritual "major boost" and upgrade to your energetic systems. It's like expanding in an effortless way.

This is aligned with your highest good and your path of making real your highest potential and Expansion of Love Consciousness. You do not need tomake an appointment. This activation is done for the Client when the "timing' is right and Higher Guidance gives the signal. Dipali will email you when she is done.

Past Life, Present Life Reading

During this 2 Hour Reading and Guidance Session, Dipali will tune into the sacred energy of the 'Akashic Records' which is known as the Book of Life. In this type of Reading with Dipali, she will share guidance regarding past life and how it interacts with present life situations or experiences. In other words, we will be using the past life guidance to help us remove our restriction(s) to improve our present life condition and beyond. Gain insight, understanding and empowerment. This type of consultation may help you be more in touch with your Soul Potentials. --- [2 hours in length, ---Normal Fee: $500.00 USD]