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A Warm Welcome to Spheres of Essence Online Boutique

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Where you can purchase heavenly products, pay for events and much more. Over time we hope to be adding more items for purchase.

If you have questions or need assistance please send an email to:
[ sofeinfo at gmail dot com ]

Gift Certificate - Spiritual Intuitive Guidance Session with Dipali

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90minute Session with Dipali.

Private Instruction for Meditation Savings Package

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In this package:
Brief Consultation
Initial Private Instruction for Meditation 90minutes
One Follow up Private Instruction for Meditation 60minutes
Two - 10minute Check-In for Fine Tuning
{Normal Cost: $350.00 USD}

Space Clearing

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REMOTE SESSION - Done at a Distance
Simple :: Clean :: Effective - for a Home and or an Apartment

When your space is energetically clear, it is like a a clean slate for you to be more productive, creative, feel less stressed, concentrate more deeply and access higher levels of clarity as well as healing. We start with your permission and a clear intention to do the work. It is possible for Spirits (non-physical) and other energies to be guided to move on and out of the space.

In this remote session (she does not need to be physically at your house or living quarters) Dipali then facilitates a clearing of the energy in your space whether it is your home, work space (and property/land where possible) she custom designs the space clearing session to the individual needs of the home and living quarters. She opens up to higher positive energies, cleanses and then does a blessing to help make your space sparkle and flow with vibrant energy.

[Since Energy work and Space Clearing is not bound by space and time, This session can be done remotely anywhere in the world]

Quick 10 min Pre-Consultation with Client.-- Main part: Actual Energetic Space Clearing, Blessing of the Space and even the Land if needed. This session is designed to help stuck Energies, Spirits and and any beings to transition out of the space and or off the land if possible. Dipali will give some suggestions for aftercare. -- Follow Up - Quick 10 minute check in after a week to see how the energetic flow is in the space.

Questions? Email or Call Dipali

Spiritual Activation: UPGRADE Session

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In this remote session, Dipali brings in Energies and frequencies which will "activate" you on your path of awakening and discovery. Consider this a Spiritual "major boost" and upgrade to your energetic systems. It's like expanding in an effortless way.

This is aligned with your highest good and your path of making real your highest potential and Expansion of Love Consciousness. You do not need tomake an appointment. This activation is done for the Client when the "timing' is right and Higher Guidance gives the signal. Dipali will email you when she is done.

Luminous Spark - Message for You

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Channeled message through Dipali for you, in the moment as Spirit/Universe shares with you. Personalized and inspiring message plus healing energy is infused recorded upon a Mp3 Audio File for download only. Instructions for download given upon purchase. Great Gift Idea. Required upon purchase: First Name, Gender, Birth-date (month/day/year format)
[Mp3 is 10 to 15 minutes in length]

Past Life, Present Life Reading

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During this 2 Hour Reading and Guidance Session, Dipali will tune into the sacred energy of the 'Akashic Records' which is known as the Book of Life. In this type of Reading with Dipali, she will share guidance regarding past life and how it interacts with present life situations or experiences. In other words, we will be using the past life guidance to help us remove our restriction(s) to improve our present life condition and beyond. Gain insight, understanding and empowerment. This type of consultation may help you be more in touch with your Soul Potentials. [2 hours in length]