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Redwoods & Snow Daily Gratitude

$5.00 initial setup plus $12.00 per month
Redwoods & Snow is a daily gratitude practice delivered directly to your email inbox. Complete with an inspirational quote and poem each day, Rain's personal gratitudes, an image from daily life, and some community announcements, you have the opportunity to share your gratitude too! Simply notice your gratitude privately, write in a gratitude journal, share with a loved one, or send an email to Rain for some heartfelt connection! Rain responds to all gratitudes received. Register to grow your grateful heart today and everyday!

P.S. Along with this subscription, you will also receive one private session with Rain for FREE!!! You will receive your coupon code with purchase of Redwoods & Snow. Consciousness Counseling sessions are valued at $300 per hour and are appropriate for couples, individuals, and parents. xoxox