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"Oops There It Is" 2D (10 minutes)


EMS Therapy Body Sculpting (4 Session Package) One Area

This package includes FOUR 30 minute session of "one" area. A 10% discounted second package can be purchased in person during the initial appointment for additional areas.

Our Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Therapy Body Sculpting is specifically designed to target and address the challenges faced by new moms, including diastasis recti and post-pregnancy tummy, arms and thigh concerns. Here's how our therapy can benefit you:​​

- Tones and sculpts muscles: Say goodbye to the post-pregnancy flab and hello to defined, toned muscles.

- Burns fat: Shed those stubborn pregnancy pounds and reveal a slimmer, more confident you.

- Aids in weight loss: Achieve your fitness goals faster with the help of targeted fat reduction.

- Addresses diastasis recti: Combat the "mom pouch" by strengthening and tightening your abdominal muscles.

- Enhances postpartum recovery: Speed up your body's recovery process and bounce back quicker after childbirth - with no down-time!

- Promotes overall well-being: Boost your confidence and feel great inside and out as you embark on your journey into motherhood.

"Hello Baby" 2D (15 minutes)


"Gender Reveal Time" 2D (20 minutes)


"Here I Am" 5D/HD (15 minutes)


"I'm So Special" 5D/HD (30 minutes)


"Mama & Me + Custom Jewelry" 5D/HD (30 minutes)


"The Growing Love Package" 5D/HD (Three 30 minute Visits)



The Unlimited VIP Membership

$329.00 initial setup plus $329.00 per month for 7 months ($2,632.00 total)
($3500 value)
**Must have at least 6 months left in your pregnancy to qualify. Payment of first and last month ($658) required for membership purchase. The total amount of months will be adjusted after your first visit to reflect how many months you have left on your pregnancy!

This is an Exclusive Experience to be able to watch your baby grow through every stage of your pregnancy. You'll get ALL of our services, catered specifically to you, and continuous 2D & HD Live Ultrasound Sessions throughout your whole pregnancy

• Two 20 minute 2D & HD Ultrasound visit per month to watch your baby grow from the inside out. 16 Sessions in total!
• Two Extra Emergency/Last minute 2D & HD Ultrasound sessions anytime throughout the whole pregnancy
• Pregnancy confirmation (as early as 6 weeks)
• Listen and see your baby's heartbeat at every visit
• Check for hair starting 24+ wks
• Check your baby's position as baby grows during every visit
• Guaranteed gender determination by DNA blood (starting at 6 weeks)
• Guaranteed gender determination/confirmation by ultrasound (starting at 13 wks)
• Gender secretly sealed in envelope (if requested)
• Five 4x6 color photos printed at every visit
• Digital Video of the entire ultrasound at every visit
• All of the digital photos taken (approx. 90 photos) at every visit
• Two 8K Real View Photos
• One My Baby's Heartbeat Teddy Bear with your baby's recorded heartbeat inside (30+ bears)
• Two Gender Reveal Items from our Gender Reveal Boutique
• A Special Heirloom Album Credit with our preferred Photographer Andrea Krey
• One piece of your choice from our Custom Heartbeat Jewelry

Terms & Conditions :
- The membership is a monthly commitment from the sign up date till your expected due date.
- When you sign up you will pay for your first and last month. Every month after that, the payment will be automatically deducted.
- You must have at least 6 months left in your pregnancy to qualify for the membership.
- The two visits per month that can be scheduled directly on our website.
- The two extra emergency/last minute appointments can be scheduled by calling or texting us at 850-900-2229.
- Monthly payment must be completed before scheduling the next appointment.
- All items and special services in the membership are given based on a schedule throughout your pregnancy
- Refunds will not be given for unused scans.
- Early cancellations: You must submit in writing to growingloveultrasound@gmail.com your cancellation request. Your paid last month will begin when we receive that email. The deliverable items left in the schedule will not be given.

Growing Love Ultrasound is not required to refund any amount of the membership service if left unused. Client agrees to pay a late fee of $25 if credit card is declined when the service renewal is due and will not be allowed to schedule appointment times until the payment has been processed.

By proceeding with signing up for the membership service, you hereby agree to the terms listed above.