Pilates Playground By Michele Brickner

Personal Training & Nutrition

Personal Training & Nutrition Program

per month


8 Pack Pilates Privates

8 Private Pilates Sessions of 50 minutes at a modest discount.

Please provide 24 hours notice required for all cancellations, or forfeit a class from your pack.

This pack is non-refundable, but does not expire.

Drop-In Private Pilates


New Client 3 Pack (20% off)

Snag our incredible new client deal for 3 private Pilates sessions! This amazing offer will energize your fitness, boost flexibility, and melt stress away. Step into strength, feel those feel-good endorphins, and get the most out of Pilates! Don't wait, sign up today!

As it is designed to start you on your consistent Pilates routine, you have 45 days to use all 3 sessions.