Breech Balancing Program

Breech Balancing Program - Couple's class & bodywork package

When your baby is in a difficult position from 33 weeks on, or has been wedged into an uncomfortable place for several weeks, starting at 28 weeks, the Breech Balancing Program provides a comprehensive care program for you and your partner. The Breech Balancing Program combines myofascial release bodywork, Body Ready Method® movement activities, and parent education for what you can do in your pregnancy now and at your birth, all compiled into an individualized home program.

An initial Breech zoom consult is required as a first step before scheduling your parent class or your bodywork sessions.

If you don't use all your sessions prenatally, you can schedule self care during your postpartum recovery.

The breech balancing program is not a guarantee that your baby will rotate, but instead opens space around the baby to allow room for their rotation.