Visualizing Potential

Blaze Package - Momentum Map and Intensive Coaching

If your fire is already lit or you have some urgency around making a shift, this package will provide you with the tools you need to take your ideas from a small flame to blaze in 13 weeks. We will begin with developing the Momentum Map and then identify an action plan with weekly coaching to accelerate your growth and take your ideas through the full creative cycle. Each package is custom designed to compliment your learning style and will use visual and (fun) project management tools to help you "see" your progress.

Ignite Package - Momentum Map and Monthly Coaching

If you are on the fence and just need a little fan to your flame to get you going, the Ignite package will help you get started with taking action towards your dream. We'll start with completing a Momentum Map and you'll get 3 coaching sessions to ensure that you keep adding fuel to your fire. Additional coaching sessions can be added at anytime.

Momentum Coaching - 3 months


Momentum Coaching - 6 months


Momentum Coaching - 12 months