Dancecity School

Bachata and Kizomba

NOK 2,000.00
Can be used on selected classes.

Bachata Pass

NOK 1,500.00
per month
Grants the holder access to all bachata classes .
* Please respect the level of the class. Only attend classes that match your level.


NOK 350.00
Have access to all classes on the day of purchase

Drop in Class

NOK 250.00
Access to one class on the booked day.

Kizomba 8 week Pass

NOK 2,000.00

Kizomba Pass

NOK 1,200.00
per month
Gives Holder to all kizomba and semba weekly classes.

Solo Pass

NOK 700.00
per month
Can be redeemed on a total of 4 solo classes in a month.

Solo Pass 2

NOK 1,700.00
every 6 weeks
Can be redeemed on 8 Solo Classes.


10 day clip cards.

NOK 3,000.00
One clip entitles the user to all classes on the same day of the click.

10 Single clip cards

NOK 2,000.00
Can be redeemed on all classes except heels and commercial dance.

*Always respect the level of the class.