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You may schedule an appointment on this page. An automatic 25% discount is applied to the fees, when you book your appointment online. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ALSO PROVIDE Telephone Consultations FOR THE CONVENIENCE OF CLIENTS WHO ARE UNABLE TO COME INTO THE OFFICE.


The firm charges a fee for all consultations. All consultation fees are due at the time of service, prior to the appointment. Please note that the fee paid for Appointments, will be deducted from your retainer only if you retain our firm within thirty (30) days following your consultation. We accept several forms of payment, including cash, money order, and credit card (VISA, Master Card and paypal (if booked online). The Client will receive a confirmation email after scheduling the appointment and an intake form will be emailed to the client based on their particular issue, prior to their scheduled consultation. The completed questionnaire may be e-mailed or faxed to us at least one hour prior to the appointment so the potential client will get the most out of his or her time. We also ask that the potential client attach collection notices, returns, tax transcripts and/or other significant documents related to the case (if these items are available).


This firm offers appointments for a wide variety of tax matters such as tax audits, tax collections and tax preparation services for both IRS and state tax matters. We also offer consultations for other legal matters such as debt collection defense and bankruptcy.


An individual becomes a client upon the Firm's receipt of the signed retainer agreement and payment of any applicable legal fees pursuant to the agreement.


The attorneys avoid interruptions while working on client matters. As a result, they typically take phone calls and visits by appointment only. If you become a client, the attorneys normally return phone messages and emails in order of urgency. Please be assured that the attorneys or their assistants will return your message at his/her earliest opportunity.


We ask that potential clients provide us with at least twenty (24) hour notice (on the previous business day) of a cancellation or request to reschedule an appointment. If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment please call or email our office before the time listed above and do so. We will send you a confirmation email showing that your appointment has been canceled or rescheduled.